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1&1 Review

Top Hosting Features

  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Disk Space & Traffic
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Website Builder
  • Free Advertising Money

Nice to Know!

  • Over 9 Million Customers

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$ 3.49/mo

  • Introduction

    For the unique opportunity to enjoy reliability supported by dual hosting, The web hosting services at 1&1 can’t be rivaled. Every client website is hosted at two separate data centers simultaneously, guaranteeing that any issue with electricity, hardware, or even a localized natural disaster will not affect the uptime of the 1&1 clients’ websites.

  • Features

    To begin, the web hosting options at 1&1 are differentiated between Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting.  Either platform can work for any given client, but a 1&1 will need to make a choice before proceeding. Although many people consider Linux the superior operating system for designated web servers, Windows has its advantages as well.  Linux is generally preferable for clients who anticipate incorporating PHP, MySQL, or Perl, while Windows can be advantageous for clients who use Windows-based applications and software.

    Regardless of which operating system a client chooses, the essential features remain almost identical, and the pricing packages remain the same. The three tiers of web hosting begin with the 1&1 Starter, moving up to the 1&1 Unlimited and the 1&1 Business.
    Among these three packages, the differentiated features include the following:
    The Starter package includes fifty Gigabytes of online disk space, while the Unlimited and Business plans offer unlimited Gigabytes of disk storage space.
    The Unlimited and Business packages each include one free domain registration as part of the start up.
    The Starter package allows as many as two hundred fifty email accounts (at two Gigabytes each), while the Unlimited plan supports five hundred and the Business plan provided an unlimited number of email addresses.
    Programming options PHP and Zen dFramework at the Starter level, with the additional use of Perl, Python, Ruby, and SSI included for programming at the Unlimited and Business levels.
    The Starter package offers as many as ten MySQL 5 databases (of up to one Gigabyte each), while the Unlimited package supports twenty-five and the Business package provides an unlimited number of databases.
    Of the sixty five 1&1 Click & Build Applications, two of the apps are available for users of the Starter package, and unlimited access to the applications for users of the Unlimited and Business packages.
    Clients who select the 1&1 Unlimited package may use the NetObjects Fusion 1&1 Edition of software for editing a mobile website, while those with the Business package can use that software or Adobe Dreamweaver CS4.
    The Dedicated SSL security certificate is included at the Business package level, and available for optional purchase at the Starter or Unlimited level. 
    The Unlimited and Business packages provide 1&1 SiteAnalytics, allowing you to monitor the traffic and interactions on your website.
    The Unlimited and Business packages come with a Google AdWords voucher (valued at one hundred dollars), Facebook credits (valued at fifty dollars) and credits for Bing and Yahoo! (valued at fifty dollars).
    Included WebDAV access.
    Free use of 1&1 Webspace Explorer for management of online files via an internet browser.
    The Starter plan includes five FTP accounts enabling multiple users to upload content to your website, while the Unlimited account includes fifty FTP accounts and the Business package supports unlimited FTP accounts.
    All three plans enjoy these features:
    Unlimited volume of traffic allowed and supported each month.
    IPv6 ready.
    Dual hosting stores all online data simultaneously at two separate locations for unbeatable security.
    Every server is backed up daily, and directories are password protected.
    Simple Submission enables you to submit your website to search engines to improve visibility.
    A downloadable 1&1 Green Logo to advertise the green nature of your website.
    Spreadshirt Merchandising for website sails.
    Graphic archives hold as many as twenty thousand photos, clip art images, and animations.
    The iStockphoto image library provides more than five million images available for royalty-free use on your website.
    Available domain names include extensions like .com, .net, .info, .biz, and .org.
  • Control Panel

    The 1&1 Control panel permits you to administrate domains as well as emails, manage invoices and ecommerce interactions, and design and launch your websites.

    Additionally, the 1&1 Web Desk provides administrative capabilities for the following areas:
    Communication center (including contacts, emails, tasks, and calendars)
    Online Office (including use of spreadsheets, word processing, and presentations)
    Online storage (file storage with continuous access from any point on the globe)
    Office Drive Manager 
    Mobile Online Storage (providing file access from mobile devices)
  • Pricing

    The regular pricing runs at five dollars monthly for the 1&1 Starter Package, seven dollars per month for the 1&1 Unlimited package, and ten dollars per month for the 1&1 Business package. However, they reguarly run special offers where you can get select hosting plans for much less per month if you are willing to sign on to a long term contract.

  • Customer Support

    Live support is available around the clock for 1&1 Web Hosting clients:

    Email tech support is available at all times of day and every day of the year.
    Technicians can also be reached by phone at any time.
    In addition to the professional technical support staff, 1&1 Web Hosting offers a user forum in which customers as well as agents can ask and answer questions and share their experience.
    The website also hosts a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses many of the common questions for new clients in starting up , launching, and managing their websites.
  • Reliability

    The unprecedented dual hosting solution ensures an unmatchable one hundred percent guarantee of uptime. Even if a virus, power outage, or hardware malfunction took down one of the 1&1 data centers, every 1&1 client has the advantage of having its entire site stored and hosted simultaneously at the other data center as well. With this robust redundancy, your website will never go offline.

  • 1&1 Internet Final Conclusion

    The dual hosting concept at 1&1 Web Hosting is unique in the industry as an unbeatable form of insurance for your precious online data, as well as the uptime for your website. With the flexibility of differently tiered packages and pricing, every prospective client should be able to find a usable solution with 1&1 Web Hosting.

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