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inMotion Review

Top Hosting Features

  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Site Builder
  • Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited Space & Traffic
  • Free Marketing Credits

Nice to Know!

  • CNET Certified

Starting at Only

$ 5.95/mo

  • Introduction

    Our inMotion Review: InMotion Hosting offers a range of web hosting services including dedicated servers, VPS hosting, and business class hosting. Additionally, clients can enjoy the use of free software tools and custom web design.

    With differently priced packages for differently sized businesses, inMotion's web hosting provides flexibility, a great toolbox for businesses, and round-the-clock customer support. A smaller business has room to grow, and a larger business has the robust support needed for its day-to-day functionality.
  • Features

    The features offered by inMotion Hosting vary among the three stair-stepped packages. The “Launch” package suits start-up businesses with limited resources, the “Power” package bolsters the operations of existing small businesses, and the “Pro” package offers a structure sturdy enough to sustain a large corporation.

    The Launch package includes two separate websites for each account, while the Power package includes six and the Pro package includes twenty-five free websites.
    The Launch package includes six separate domain names for each account, while the Power package includes twenty-six and the Pro supports an unlimited number of individual domain names.
    Businesses starting with the Launch package can use up to twenty-five additional sub domains, while the Power package includes one hundred and the Pro package offers unlimited sub domains.
    Structured Query Language (SQL) databases enable clients to store and access product and customer data with ease, facilitating the functions of e-commerce or data-intensive websites. The Launch package includes two SQL databases, while the Power package offers fifty and the Pro package two hundred SQL databases.
    FTP accounts enable users to transfer files among different computers, even when those computers run on different operating systems. The Launch package includes one thousand FTP accounts, while the Power package offers two thousand and the Pro package supports an unlimited number of FTP accounts.
    Both the Pro and Power packages are set up to support e-commerce with shopping cart software, inventory control, shipping management, and easy integration with the majority of internet merchant systems.
    The most critical and basic services are included in all three packages at no extra cost. These features include the following:
    Intuitive and user-friendly Control Panel.
    Regular backup of business data online.
    Unlimited Gigabytes of online storage space for website graphics and data.
    Unlimited Gigabytes of data transfer every month.
    Trademarked SPAM safe email accounts with each domain name.
    Individualized data center locations for each business, enabling high speed email and websites with inMotion Hosting’s exclusive Max Speed zone.
    A license for Premium Web Builder for implementing an easy-to-build and professional customized website. 
    “No Down-time” transfers of websites, allowing a business to upload, create, and test its entire website (and associated email accounts) before redirecting traffic to the new domain name.
    Websites designed through inMotion Hosting are compatible with a number of blogging platforms, including WordPress, b2evolution, Nucleus, pMachine Free, Geeklog, and more.
    Email services are secure and compatible with many mobile devices. 
    Features include forwarding, auto-responses, fully customizable email filters and Spam filters, and webmail solutions. 
    The website design features are compatible with most existing design programs, including FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Adobe Go Live, Coppermine Image Gallery, and more.
    inMotion Hosting is easily compatible with every type of operating system, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.
    Websites support a wide array of plugins, including phpWebsite, Web Calendar, Counter, PHP-Nuke, Support Services Manager, Forum Software, Mambo, joomla, and moodle.
    Interactive content supported by inMotion Hosting websites include streaming audio and video, Flash media, Macromedia Shockwave, and more.
  • Control Panel

    If any prospective users have concerns about usability, they can take the inMotion Hosting control panel for a virtual test drive. The website includes a demo account that allows visitors to experience the layout and capabilities of the actual control panel.

    From the “home” position of the control panel, users can easily manage every aspect of users’ email accounts, review site statistics, manage forums and bulletin boards, and engage in even more advanced management activities. Whatever a user’s level of expertise, the cPanel provides the necessary tools in an intuitive layout.
  • Pricing

    The three basic hosting packages each come at a low monthly price. The Launch package costs $5.95 per month, while the Power package requires $7.95 monthly, and the Pro package costs $13.95 each month.

    In addition to the basic packages, clients have supplementary options including additional licenses for Premium Web Builder. Some of the available tools with this service include merchandise inventory, shipping and tracking, merchant payments, as well as design elements like customizable templates.
    Also for additional cost, clients can choose features like domain privacy, or the services of a design team.  Every inMotion Hosting client has the security of a full money back guarantee throughout the first three months (ninety days) of service.
  • Customer Support

    Live customer support is available to inMotion Hosting clients around the clock and across the calendar.

    Clients may call a toll-free number at any time of day or night, including weekends and holidays.
    Live customer service agents are available at all times via instant messaging chat services.
    inMotion Hosting provides email tutorials and website tutorials. These user-friendly interactive instructions can assist clients in setting up and trouble-shooting their email accounts and websites.
    The inMotion Hosting website also provides a Community Support forum, where users may ask and answer one another’s questions and compare experiences.
  • Reliability

    The network services of inMotion Hosting promise 99.9% uptime, thanks to the company’s top tier network.  In addition, the servers supporting inMotion Hosting clients belong to the highest grade of hardware available on the commercial market. Between the high-quality hardware and the network capacity, inMotion Hosting provides highly reliable service.

  • inMotion Final Conclusion

    The flexibility, reliability, and user-friendly nature of inMotion Hosting services make this hosting service an excellent choice for a business of any size. With pricing scaled to individualized service, and with the full guarantee of a refund as a safety net, users find this service a natural fit for their business needs.

    In our expert review of inMotion Hosting, we have found them to be trustworthy as well as offering a robust feature set.

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