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IXHosting Review

Top Hosting Features

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Setup
  • Unlimited Disk Space & Traffic
  • Website Builder
  • Host Unlimited Domains

Nice to Know!

  • In Business Since 1999

Starting at Only

$ 3.95/mo

  • Introduction

    Offering user-friendly tools and the reliability of Linux hosting, IX WebHosting provides a platform affordable for any potential user. The three tiers of web hosting options go for mere dollars per month when users opt for the longer terms of service. Additionally, reseller cloud hosting and VPS hosting are available at affordable prices for those who wish to go into the business of providing hosting services themselves.

  • Features

    The web hosting packages provide three different planes of service that can be matched to any prospective client’s online needs. The varying features include the following details:

    The Expert Plan includes two free IPs, while the Business Plus plan offers three and the Unlimited Pro Plan includes fifteen free IPs, ideal for search engine optimization (SEO).
    The Expert Plan includes one free domain name registration, while the Business Plus plan offers two and the Unlimited Pro plan supports three separate domain registrations.
    The common features shared by all three web hosting plans include the following:
    Unlimited Gigabytes of online data storage.
    Unlimited bandwidth.
    Unlimited number of hosted domains and sub domains.
    Unlimited amount of data transfer.
    Contact and support from an individually assigned Personal Support Representative, dedicated to supporting their assigned clients’ needs.
    Available customer support around the clock by telephone, instant chat, email, or online support ticket.
    Use of the intuitive “Click to Create” tool for site building. An online demonstration login allows prospective clients to try out the design tools and reassure themselves that the program will sufficiently meet their needs.
    Single-click installation of free online photo galleries.
    Single-click installation of free blogging platform.
    Unlimited number of email addresses associated with any given domain name.
    Web-based email with features that include forwarding, mailing lists for marketing, auto-responders, and more.
    Single-click installation of online merchandizing software, including a selection of available online shopping carts.
    Advertising credits with Google AdWords, valued at seventy-five dollars.
    Site statistics tools to monitor site traffic and referring sources.
  • Control Panel

    The control panel for individual webmasters can be viewed at any time through the IX WebHosting website’s demonstration login. For those doing business at the VPS or reseller (cloud hosting) level, an additional centralized control panel allows administrators to create and manage their own clients’ sites and accounts.

    The IX Webhosting control panel provides a centralized management area for the actual content of the website, as well as related issues like domain management, FTP data transfer, observation and management of web traffic and site statistics, administration of email accounts, maintenance of databases, securing and promoting e-commerce, and more.
  • Pricing

    The web hosting services are offered at three levels: Expert, Business Plus, and Unlimited Pro. Each of these plans is available for a no-cost free trial of seven days, and there is an additional money back guarantee for the first thirty days of paid service. The regular package prices begin at seven dollars per month for the Expert Plan, ten dollars for the Business Plus Plan, and thirteen dollars for the Unlimited Pro Plan. (Currently, an open-ended Promo special has reduced those prices to four dollars monthly for the Expert Plan, and eight dollars each for the Business Plus or Unlimited Pro plans.) 

    For an additional cost, clients also have the option of engaging the in-house expertise of professional website designers in constructing a site. Also available at additional cost is the site transfer “moving service” for clients who wish to relocate an existing site to the IX WebHosting platform.
    For business and e-commerce websites, the Merchant membership facilitates the processing of credit cards and other forms of payment, legally establishing a merchant ID and providing the supporting infrastructure for the financial and legal transactions necessary in supporting any online business.
    Reseller services with cloud hosting are available at four levels: Professional, Business, Corporate, and Enterprise. The regular prices for these plans range from one hundred sixty dollars monthly for the Professional Cloud Plan to five hundred twenty dollars for the Enterprise Cloud plan. (The ongoing Promo special prices on these plans range from one hundred dollars monthly to four hundred twenty-five, respectively.)
    The VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting options carry different prices depending on the platform a client chooses.  Linux options cost thirty-eight dollars per month for X2 Linux, seventy-five dollars monthly for X4 Linux, and ninety-eight dollars each month for X8 Linux. The Windows platform VPS runs at fifty-three dollars monthly for X2, ninety dollars for X4, and one hundred thirteen dollars per month for X8.
  • Customer Support

    In addition to live customer support representatives being available at all times, clients can create their own support tickets for any issue.

    A toll free phone number is available around the clock and throughout the year.
    Instant chat is an alternative means of communication for those who prefer written communication over time spent on the phone.
    Separate support departments can also be reached by email to help resolve issues relating to hosting tech support, VPS support, general billing, and the affiliate program.
    From the support page of the IX WebHosting website, existing customers can create a support ticket for their issues.
    Help resources available on the website include video tutorials to assist clients with the most frequently requested demonstrations, FAQs to address the most frequently asked questions, the hosting manual for users, and a customer center where users can interact, share experience and ideas, and answer one another’s questions.
  • Reliability

    The IX WebHosting data centers are completely quality-controlled in terms of cooling, security, monitoring, capacity, and power backups. All of these systems combine to guarantee an uptime of at least 99.9%. The redundant data center operates at tier 3 (n+1), meaning that the uptime is maximized and backup (that is the “plus one”) provided for all online data.

    A pair of industrial class diesel-run generators can power the entire facility for a full twenty-four hours in case of any grid power failure, guaranteeing that client websites experience no interruption even if the data center’s usual operations are interrupted.

  • IXWebHosting Final Conclusion

    IX WebHosting provides top-notch services, priced affordably and customizable to any client’s needs. With its unique coaching program and readily available support team, IX WebHosting provides a user-friendly experience as well as a solid supporting infrastructure for clients.

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