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Justhost Review

Top Hosting Features

  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Setup
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Space
  • Free Site Builder
  • Host Unlimited Domains

Nice to Know!

  • Lots Of Free Extras Included!

Starting at Only

$ 3.75/mo

  • Introduction

    With a particular review on network reliability, Justhost offers web hosting for individuals and businesses.  The single-tier offering of comprehensive services makes Justhost one of the least complicated and most affordable of web hosting solutions. Additionally, clients have the option of reselling web solutions at any of the three available reseller levels.

  • Features

    The web hosting options cover all the necessary bases for individuals or businesses. For a single low monthly fee, all of the following features are available to Justhost clients:

    Unlimited number of Gigabytes of online disk space.
    Unlimited number of Gigabytes of data transfer capability.
    Availability of SSL security for online commerce or secure data transmission, FTP capability for transfer of data among machines, and site statistics for website managers to use in evaluating the effectiveness of site design and incoming links.
    Unlimited number of email accounts associated with each user. Emails include features like forwarding and aliases,  secure POP3 support and IMAP support, as well as three alternative webmail solutions for web based account management.
    Unlimited hosting of domains with each account, unlimited add-on domains, unlimited parked domains, and unlimited free domains, as well as free registration of a customized domain name for the first year.
    Free use of the Site Builder website design tool.
    Customizable elements like error pages, PHP.INI files, and cronjobs.
    Easy integration with RoR (Ruby), CGI (common gateway interface), PHP, Perl, and MySQL databases.
    Multimedia support includes implementation of javascript, Flash, Shockwave, DHTML, and one-click installation of scripts through SimpleScripts. Streaming audio or video can be easily incorporated, and support exists for MIDI files and customized types of MIME.
    Single-click installation is available for website elements facilitated through WordPress, Trendy Site Builder, TomatoCart, Concrete5, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, or osCommerce.
    Free scripts are available for website applications including message forum, form mail, social networking, blog integration, client mailing lists, galleries of images, software for surveys and polls, project management, and help center scripts for support tickets.
    For online business transactions, Justhost supports e-Commerce features like the shopping cart features from OS Commerce, Cube Cart, and Agora, as well as directories with password protection, certificates generated for free, and encryption with open PGP or GPG.
    The option of professional hosting in a reseller capacity can be accomplished at three different levels. For those levels, some of the features are scalable:
    The Silver Package includes one hundred Gigabytes of storage, while the Gold includes two hundred fifty and the Platinum offers five hundred Gigabytes.
    The Silver Package promises a bandwidth of fifteen Mbps, while the Gold supports twenty-five and the Platinum promises thirty-five Mbps.
    In addition to the varying capacities offered at the three different levels, there are features common among all three:
    Unlimited number of user accounts.
    Unlimited number of domains and sub-domains.
    Unlimited number of email accounts with each domain.
    Unlimited access to SQL databases and FTP use for file movement.
    Free use of a web host administrator (WHM) administrative control panel for use by the reselling manager, as well as individual control panels for use by clients.
    Free use of Site Builder design software for client use, as well as an array of free templates.
  • Control Panel

    Two types of control panels are available. The cPanel, or control panel for users, is made available to individual businesses that use the hosting service to publish their own websites.  From this panel, users can view their site statistics, manage and view the various logs, and install web-based content, including Joomla or WordPress, online shopping carts, and networking or forums.

    For those who choose to go into the business of reselling hosting, the WHM (or web host manager) control panel provides access to create and edit the hosting plans for resale, designate bandwidth and online storage space, and set up email accounts.
  • Pricing

    The option of hosting a business or individual website through Justhost costs only $3.95 per month.  For the price of a large cup of coffee, your business can fully function in the online environment.

    For those who wish to undertake a reseller role, the three available tiers offer scaled services for different volumes of business. The Silver Package costs twenty dollars per month; the Gold package goes for fifty, and the Platinum package costs ninety.
    Additionally, the guarantee of money back “anytime” offers extra assurance for prospective clients, knowing they will not have lost any investment if the web solutions become incompatible with their needs for any reason. Cancellation is an option at any time, with a refund available for the remaining term of service (minus the incurred cost of domain registration and setup fees).
  • Customer Support

    The help center is available around the world as well as around the clock, with a mix of available live representatives and online tutorials and resources.

    Users can call toll free at any time or avail themselves of live chat to ask questions and gain instruction from real-time customer service interactions.
    The Justhost website offers video tutorials online, with more than sixty offerings covering the most frequently requested information.
    A start-up wizard enables new users to be guided through their initial use of the server.
    Users can begin a help ticket and check their entire history of support.
  • Reliability

    The infrastructure behind Justhost includes a dual installation of performance servers with quad processers, backed up with both UPS power and diesel generators to insure against down-time due to local power interruptions.

    Operating with a customized web server from Apache and the operating system from Linux, Justhost systems are interconnected with multiple Ethernet connections of ten Gigabits. The network is monitored around the clock, with courtesy backups of client sites. This upfront loading of technology ensures one of the most reliable web hosting solutions on the market.
  • Justhost Final Conclusion

    The services of Justhost provide all the tools and technical support necessary to launch business websites with reliable uptime and robust features. For just a few dollars a month, the lengthy list of free and unlimited features secures the position of Justhost as a superb value with an admirable record of service and customer satisfaction.

    4.593%Review by: - Feb. 19, 2015

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