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The Benefits of Green Hosting

Web hosting providers claiming to be “green” are sprouting up more and more as the eco-movement is becoming more widespread and also the trendy or “fad” thing to do. But for many who really do care about our planet, green hosting should not be seen as just another fad.

Web hosting that is green is one further way that any company that cares about this issue and wants to be seen as earth-friendly can do. Hosting services that are “green” are usually balancing their “carbon footprint” by direct investment in renewable energy sources such as solar or wind and also investing in carbon offsets.

Green hosting is really a valid concern for many environmentally conscious customers. And having hosting services that are green should not  only be environmentally friendly but should still offer all the speed, capacity and features that are needed in a website host with a truly legitimate way  of giving back to the planet.

What Does Green Hosting Mean

As website owners begin to search for a company to host their website, more and more “enviro-phrases” are showing up in reviews about website hosting companies. Web hosts that are “green” should be doing at least one of the following:

  • Purchase “green tags – This is the option to buy green energy tags from companies that are certified to match their energy consumption. Basically they are getting their energy from companies that are producing green energy by wind, solar or other means.
  • Purchase carbon offsets or credits – Similar to green tags with this method web hosts that are “green” will usually buy “carbon credits” that match its consumption of energy. This money paid for these credits goes towards projects for green energy as well as generating clean electricity sources.
  • Make data center operations more efficient – Any well-organized data center using efficient cooling systems are able to save more energy than one might think.
  • Uses energy-efficient office equipment and servers – Have a commitment to only purchasing efficient equipment and servers that reduce the company’s energy consumption.

So while reading hosting reviews be critical and make certain that being green is not just a trend but that the companies are green for the correct reasons. In other words, make certain companies billing themselves as being green truly are.

What Advantages Do Green Hosting Companies Get 

There are plenty of advantages for hosting companies that go green.

  • Impact on Environment – this is the major selling point – it reduces any effects that are harmful to the environment.  Hosting that is green is intended to be eco-friendly whereas the normal package for web hosting was planned for productivity.
  • Reputation – Green hosting goes one step further to attract more customers as they are concerned about the environment
  • Cost – Green hosting costs less than the standard hosting package with most web hosting companies. By going green, there are certain expenses that get eliminated totally.

By saving money on electricity these companies are able to pass on this benefit to their customers by the offer of hosting packages that are cheaper.

There are benefits for web hosting companies offering this type of hosting. But they are trumped by one benefit and that is that green hosting being a fairly new technology will take time for its influence to be analyzed and completely understood.  But – on the other hand, the benefits do show that going green is certainly a feasible alternative for those businesses that are looking for web hosting services.

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