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Find a Web Host with Free Marketing Credits

Finding a web host with free marketing credits can take some of the strain out of setting up your business. Whether you are creating a new brand from scratch, or simply refining a new paid marketing campaign with targeted web sites for a particular product, marketing credits can be an important part of easing the costs.

If you haven’t encountered the principle of marketing credits before, here’s a basic introduction. There are a number of tools available for getting attention for your website. By far the most influential factor with regard to people being able to find you and your service is how visible your website is to search engines. Search Engine Optimization can help to garner what are sometimes called organic search results, but it is also possible to pay for a higher profile with search engines. This is where marketing credits come in, as they are effectively vouchers, in much the same way as you might give someone a redemption code to help with buying a gift online.

Advantages of  a Web Host with Free Marketing Credits

Some of the biggest advantages of free marketing credits are:

  • They are a cheap way to experiment with different services.
  • They are transferrable between your websites.
  • They are a quick way to get an initial burst of fresh customers to your new website.
  • They can be administered directly from your web hosting control panel.

On signing up with a web host provider who supports these schemes, a credit coupon code will usually be made available through your control panel. This will allow you to quickly use the existing tools and services with pre-paid amounts on the various marketing networks.  As a quick entry to using these tools, it can’t be beaten as well as being great value for money.

Marketing Features To Look For

Picking the right web hosting company can be complicated, so keep an eye out for these features:

  • Integration of search engine tools for webmasters.
  • Unlimited domains and bandwidth.
  • Money back guarantees.
  • Easy to use marketing tools included in the control panel.
  • Is the marketing credit offered for one search engine or a spread of them?

As useful as free marketing credits are, they shouldn’t be your main consideration. Treat them as a nice bonus and pay attention to which search engines the marketing credit is for. Of far more importance is the quality of the control panel and the tools available for you to control your website. This is particularly important if you are setting up multiple sites or importing and sharing information across multiple related sites.

Free marketing credits are particularly useful if you are working within an affiliate marketing framework, but even as a stand-alone service, it gives you a great opportunity to explore the options without putting in any money up front while you get used to it. Having the credit available helps squeeze extra use from the account, and helps prompt you to set up marketing accounts that you might otherwise not have thought about. Perhaps that is why it’s important to find a web host that includes free marketing credits.

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