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The Differences Between Linux Hosting & Windows Hosting

Linux hosting and Windows hosting are both used for hosting web pages with similar results. There are a few misconceptions about what each has to offer which should be clarified before you begin to choose between the two. You will not be locked into a particular programming style or software with either, though there are a few programs that work better with one hosting platform or the other.

Another common misconception is the idea that you must have a Windows or a Linux computer to program with either of the hosting platforms. You can load most Microsoft software onto an Apple computer, and Linux programs can easily be run on a modern Microsoft machine. You simply need to find the software you are most comfortable with and which offers the kind of options using which you would like to design your page. You can range this from the very basic programming plans to those which give you tools that allow you to design webpages with preformed templates and the like.

The Basics Of Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting and Windows hosting can easily be differentiated by the cost it takes to run and the services you get for the price.

  • Linux servers tend to be more cost effective to build and run
  • Linux servers crash significantly less and tend to run faster than other hosting software
  • You can use a variety of software and languages to build your page, so it’s easy to apply whatever web knowledge you already have

Linux is very hands on for the builder, so you can put as much of your own effort as you like into the design and abilities of your web page. If you are unfamiliar with web building or are unsure about what tools or language would be easiest to maintain there are sources available which can help guide you in the right direction. Most web hosting companies also have tools and recommendations available to their users.

Differences With Windows Hosting

Windows hosting tends to be more popular, mainly due to the familiarity users have with the content.

  • Any Microsoft software can be used and accessed by Windows hosted pages
  • Active Server and basic scripts can be used to build your page, many of which are available on a standard PC
  • Use any Microsoft tools or interfaces to build your page, allowing you to sidestep much of the programming

If you are debating between Linux and Windows servers, you need to think about how much programming you are capable of or are comfortable doing on your own and what programs you are used to doing it with. If you are incredibly familiar with the Microsoft suite, then you may want to stick with hosting companies that pair well with this type of software so all of your programs will run correctly when you upload them to your webpage.

Linux and Windows both have their benefits as hosting platforms, so you need to decide which would be the most comfortable for you to work with when you select the final home for your webpage.

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