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What is a Dedicated Server?

Read this article if you’re serious about your web hosting and are expecting to push the envelope with the service you provide, then you are going to need to invest in a dedicated server. Hosting requirements can of course range from the more general shared services that most people use for personal sites or blogs. The problem with that is that you are somewhat limited in how you can customize your site.

A dedicated server gives you far more flexibility in how you install and run your web presence, but this can be a two-edged sword. The assumption that will be generally made is that you are technically competent and know what you’re doing. This is a freedom that is not extended to people on shared services because of the risk of their doing something that can affect the other people using that environment.

Features Of A Dedicated Server Service

When you install a dedicated server with a hosting company, these are the sort of things you can expect:

  • Root/Administrative level control of the server.
  • Priority technical support and backup.
  • The ability to install whatever software you need.
  • The option to upgrade the hardware and storage on your server as needed.
  • Better deals on the bandwidth allowances.
  • Service Level Agreements on performance and availability.

A dedicated server hosting solution can be the most expensive route to take, but compared to running one from your own premises you may still be making savings. If you have a hosted service, you’re not paying for the physical upkeep and maintenance of the server. This then means that you can concentrate on the business, or on the more complex development tasks needed for your product.

Uses of a Dedicated Server

So you have your server set up – what sort of things could you do with it:

  • Sell goods and services to customers online.
  • Host discussion bulletin boards.
  • Provide interactive multimedia tools for online user.
  • Share files and provide collaborative tools.
  • Provide email and messaging services for staff.
  • Use and report on data received from visitors in real-time.

These examples are just simple examples of commercial and volunteer-run sites available around the world, each hosted on a dedicated server today. Many of them take advantage of being able to install their own systems to put into place complex databases that can handle the rapid and secure transmission of information. Whether these are stock queries to a warehouse, the ordering of tickets to an event or online chat tools for marketing agents to engage with potential customers, they all use their private servers to do it. 

The thought of the cost of buying your own server can be a daunting one. It’s a lot of money up front, but in terms of the services that you can then provide it’s a good investment. The key here is that how you use your hosted service in many ways only limited by your imagination and technical innovation. With many hosting companies offering increasingly attractive deals for their services it is well worth shopping around for good deals on your own dedicated server.

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