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What is a Website Builder?

To make it simple, a website builder is the set of tools you can use to design and give functionality to web pages. Typically, this term refers to a set of software tools that will allow you to create a page without having to learn how to create code. Instead, templates or other basic tools are used to set up a basic look for your website that you can customize with links to guide users through your data.

There are dozens of web builders available with a great deal of differentiation in how they work. You need to think about what kind of programming you need and what kind of look you had envisioned for your page so you can find a program that offers all the services you need. The more advanced you want your design to be, the more tools and customization options you will have to get with your web design program, so take the time to evaluate your tool set accurately when you shop.

Finding the Right Website Builder

There are multiple ways to find a website builder that you can use to create your page with little experience.

  • The Microsoft suite comes with a few programs that can help beginners put together a web page
  • Some programs are available via download and can be used with any computer software
  • Many web hosts offer templates and other building software you can use for free when you sign up for other services

The most important thing to note when selecting web building software is how advanced the program is. Some programs only provide a few basic templates that offer little customization while others provide a whole host of tools you can use to create your web page. Think about how much time you want to put into your web building and how comfortable you are with learning the technology so you know what software will fit your comfort level.

Online versus Offline Website Builders

You can purchase a website builder that functions online or offline, depending on your needs.

  • Online builders allow you to create your page quickly and easily, with live customer support standing by
  • Offline builders allow you to create multiple web pages rather than setting up the software to build just one
  • Offline builders tend to be more flexible with the software they work with, but online builders tend to be quicker and cheaper

No matter what version you choose, make sure you find a program that will allow you to build sites that are compatible with HTML and Flash so that any software or video you load onto your page will work properly. Most builders take this into account, but there are some that use less common programming that will require you to have some basic web building knowledge to work around.

When you select a website builder to work with, find one that is easy to use and understand so you are not spending half your building time looking through instruction manuals.

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