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What is a Website Datacenter?

If you have been investigating web hosts, you may have come across the term website datacenter. But knowing what this means can be hard to discover. Read on to see what they are talking about, and why it is so important.

A website datacenter is where all of the information and data about your website and email accounts is stored. It is where all of the actual data is stored on servers and main frames. The location of this equipment and how the data center is maintained make a big difference to how efficient your web host will be. Therefore it is important to know what type of datacenter your web host uses, and what parameters they follow for the site.

Physical Website Datacenters

Some web hosts use a physical website datacenter. This means that they have many servers and computers running your website and the websites of many other people in one or more physical locations. It is important to find out if the web host maintains their facilities with climate control, backup power, and network infrastructure. This ensures that all of the equipment will run the way it is supposed to run, and your website will experience little or no down time.

Most web hosts no longer use this type of datacenter. It is more expensive and more difficult to maintain than other types of datacenters. However, this can be a good thing, because it means the web hosts can afford to give you those low discounted rates on hosting services.

Virtual Website Datacenters

Virtual datacenters are based on cloud technology. With a virtual website datacenter all the data and information for your website is stored virtually. To be certain there is still equipment stored somewhere that is running the overall scheme of things, but the main thing you have to worry about is how your information is stored and accessed virtually. This comes with its own challenges.

When virtual datacenters are used, security is a major issue. The datacenter must be completely secure, not allowing unauthorized users to gain access to the data. The integrity of the data is vitally important, especially if your website gathers information about your customers such as contact information, order information, and financial information. You should make sure the web host you use utilizes a vast network of security measures to ensure your data is safe in the virtual datacenter.

However, even with these new challenges, virtual storage of data is much cheaper than physical storage. With virtual datacenters the cost is so minimal that web hosts can afford to pass on the savings to you. This results in the very reasonable and affordable rates for web hosting. You can be certain that if a web host offers services at ten dollars or less a month, they are using a virtual datacenter.

Regardless of which type of datacenter is used by a web host, it is important to make sure that it is reliable, well maintained, and secure. If this is not made clear on the host’s website, you may have to ask about how they store your data, and what type of website datacenter is utilized.

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