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What is ASP?

Application Service Provider or ASP as it is simply referred to is software accessible on a browser. It is useful in providing customer services over a particular network.

The demand for ASP has grown over the years as businesses save a lot of money from the cost of buying software programs. Due to its centralization of processing, ASPs have developed to a point of providing excellent services to especially large corporate organizations.

Benefits Of ASP Software To Large Organizations

ASPs have gained the trust of big businesses by constantly reducing costs associated with computer programs installation and maintenance. The following are ASP benefits:

  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Quick to upgrade
  • Fewer chances of computer crashes
  • Lower maintenance costs

ASPs are easy to install and stress free to upgrade. They go a long way in reducing costs that would have otherwise gone to a large I.T department to deal with upgrading, maintenance and installations. Issues such as viruses and malware attacks tend to quickly disappear because the software is never actually installed. Upgrades are effortlessly carried out and chances of computer crashes are at a minimum because as mentioned earlier, the software is not actually installed hence cannot conflict with already active software.

Things To Consider When Choosing An ASP

The following are questions to ask yourself when considering the ASP option?

  • How is data stored?
  • What are the benefits of the ASP to my workplace?
  • Is there adequate security provided?
  • How can this ASP enhance my company’s productivity?
  • How well can the provider scale up with more users aboard?
  • How much is it going to cost and is it worth it?
  • How long does it take the support team to respond?
  • What kind of customer service is available?

The above questions go a long way in guiding your decision to enlist in ASPs. A good ASP should be able to give your organization an easier time when it comes to IT and tech support. ASP also gives you leeway to create visitor figures which is important information when dealing with a large organization.

Disadvantages Of ASP

As is the case with any other system, ASPs also have a few disadvantages. These are:

  • They are not compatible with different platforms
  • Visual Basic knowledge is required

Unlike PHP, ASPs are not compatible with various systems because they are heavily dependent on Microsoft Windows as well as installation of Apache to its server. It is very similar to Visual Basic hence one has an easier time dealing with it with this kind of knowledge. Finally your performance is bound to suffer if you do not have reliable internet connection in your organization.

That said ASP is the most useful E-business development software available. It is easily available in many web hosting companies and is a vital tool in website development and marketing. Companies can skip out on employing an IT department and instead outsource the services. ASP is an essential tool as it combines IT management services and web hosting conveniently in one package.

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