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What is Blog and WordPress Hosting?

What is Blog and WordPress Hosting?

What is WordPress Hosting?  WordPress hosting is web-based software that is made available to all web users to build and maintain a website or weblog for free. Blog hosting is actually the same thing, being a type of web hosting with features that allow you to install or use blog-software like WordPress and many others including Typepad and Nucleus where you can regularly update your personal entries.

While WordPress hosting was originally intended as an easy way to set up your blog, today it comes with improved capabilities making it much more than merely a tool for bloggers. It has taken on a new role as a CMS or content management system where it can be used to run business websites that are full-sized and social media-rich. With the added use of plugins, free or even paid, you can extend your website or weblog into almost anything you want including photo galleries, job boards, e-Commerce sites and more.

Choosing Free WordPress Hosting

Your choice to use the free blog hosting hugely depends on your purpose to create a personal blog just to keep in touch with family and friends.  If you have an ambition to turn your blogging interest into a money-making endeavor, it may not be a suitable long-term solution.  Here are some points you may want to give consideration to a free blog hosting;

  • It usually offers easy-to-use interfaces if you have limited technical skills.
  • It is geared for beginners in blogging.
  • It offers limited selection of templates and you have very little controls over the customization of your website.
  • It usually lacks features, security and customer support.

While there are few reliable free blog hosting providers like WordPress, it is always good to remember that they are only a stepping stone to introduce you to the world of blogging or maintaining a small, personal website.

Choosing Dedicated WordPress Hosting

When you are starting on a website for business, it is usually wise to go for the paid shared or dedicated blog hosting services. Although shared servers may be more affordable, it does share similar disadvantages with the free WordPress. Weigh the following points before you proceed;

  • Shared and dedicated wordpress hosting is recommended for users intent on generating revenue from their website.
  • Shared hosting service exposes you to all the activities of other users in the same server.
  • Dedicated hosting comes with your own domain and more customization controls to keep the look and feel the way you want it.
  • Dedicated hosting has guaranteed resources on the server.
  • Dedicated hosting services provide more security and performance.

For business websites or blogs, a dedicated hosting is usually the best solution but some of you may not be entirely skilled in managing a dedicated server nor afford the time to pick up the skills. A dedicated blog hosting can also include a managed hosting to take care of the time-consuming task of your server administration.

Whether you subscribe to the free WordPress or the dedicated wordpress hosting, the best advice is to know what you are getting into.  By now you should know that free hosting services are geared for the small and personal websites.  A dedicated or paid hosting service is designed for business needs and offers functionality, performance, reliability and security. Learn more on what is WordPress hosting in order to determine which will fulfill your purpose and needs.

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