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Which Web Hosts Include Free Website Builder?

It would be nice to get a free website builder for all the money you will be spending to get your page launched, hosted and updated. There are plenty of sites that offer complimentary software with their plan to encourage those with little or no programming experience to work with their company rather than heading to a web designer. This can save you a great deal of money if you shop carefully.

The kind of free software that is available will vary greatly from company to company, so you need to watch carefully to see what is available and what will be expected of you to use the program successfully. There is a big difference between free templates and free programming software so read company guidelines thoroughly so you pick the best option for you.

Common Website Building Companies

There are a few free website builder programs that come with hosting services as well.

  • Companies that allow you to build a website from scratch for free
  • Companies that offer a few templates that you can use to structure your basic site at no extra charge
  • Companies that give you all your basic tools from hosting to web building in one easy package

Keep in mind, the more you get for free, the fewer choices you will probably have to work with. You need to think about how the company is making their money and how your business helps them make a profit. If a company offers you plenty of tools without charging you, you may find that fees will be tacked on later in your contract that will help make up these costs for the web hosting company.

Avoiding Web Building Charges

You can always download a free website builder that works offline to avoid data charges that could increase your hosting bill.

  • Many software programs offer free versions you can use to build a basic webpage which can then be loaded to your host
  • Use offline software, but take advantage of customer support from your host to help you with the more difficult programming aspects
  • Avoid using up valuable bandwidth and disk space by creating and storing your files on your own drives and disks

A web hosting company that offers offline software for your programming needs can be a valuable company to work with. This way you can use the software to build as many web pages as you want instead of having to focus all of your design efforts on one webpage and then purchase another set if you wish to branch out later. You can also work on your webpage at any time, even if the network is down when you program offline. As a similar bonus, no customers can accidentally stumble across your page until you are ready for it to go public.

If you are looking for a company that promises a free website builder, you will spend more time narrowing down your choices than searching for a company that has the tools you need.

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