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Why It’s Important For Your Web Host To Include 24-7 Support

Time stands still for no man and that’s why it’s important for your web host to include 24/7 support in their hosting services. In this internet age where countries and people are no longer separated by borders or restricted by time, it is one thing to ensure you are abreast with the latest situation but it is equally important to ensure that your technical backup is readily available whenever you need them.

While the world may be divided by night and day and business still works from 9 to 5, research has found that business owners are working through after-office-hours and the holidays to keep key business processes updated online and maintain real-time liaisons with their counterparts on the opposite side of the world.  As such practices are a growing trend, it is vital that web hosting providers offer a 24/7 support in their services.  Having an expert on hand can make a lot of difference to a business operation.

Why Is 24/7 Support Important For A Web Host?

A 24/7 support means a 24 hours customer support service. It is part of the quality guarantee provided by the web host. This is a prioritized feature in any web hosting service to ensure uninterrupted services and trouble-shooting. This feature is included as part of the web host’s guarantee for:

  • A real-time internet and hosting services on a continuous basis.
  • Quick resolve to any eventual problem at anytime.
  • Prevention of downtime or it can eventually lead to loss of business and revenue for you.
  • Quick find and error-free access by potential customers.

Web hosting support can be likened to an insurance policy. Most of the time you do not need it but when you do, it may be critical. When people opt for the cheap and free web hosting services, many will find themselves at the losing end of the bargain. A good 24/7 support is a yardstick for differentiating between a good and a bad web host.

Types Of 24/7 Support Available

There are several types of 24/7 support provided to keep your website running smoothly. A good web host normally provides at least two of the following support:

  • Phone-in support
  • Online support
  • On-demand support or Live-chat
  • Self-help support
  • Video tutorials

The most common of the 24/7 support provided are the phone-in and online support. Unless you are as technically inclined as the experts, getting self-help support and video tutorials may be quite a bit of a challenge and takes a longer time. On-demand support or live chats are usually recommended for the non-technical support like billings and enquiries.

There are many web hosting companies out there in the market and the importance of 24/7 support is often underestimated. Do not make the mistake of hiring a web host that does not provide such a support. Before you get blindsided by other unimportant features or the offer of cheap pricing, a check for the availability of this feature must be the first thing to do. You may stand to lose a lot more in your business if you do not fully understand why it’s important for your web host to include a 24/7 support in their service.

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