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Why It’s Important To Find a Web Host With a Money Back Guarantee

Everyone worries about being taken for a ride which is why it’s important to find a web host with a money back guaranteeWeb hosting is the top priority for any website owner and unless you are using a free web hosting services, finding a reliable and trustworthy web host is the second most important thing on your to-do list.

As there are a growing number of web hosting companies in the market, competition is growing fiercer. While web hosting is getting more affordable these days, each provider has to stand out to justify their price. To stay ahead of the competitor, marketing strategies are usually deployed to get end-users’ attention. One of them is the money back guarantee which never fails to entice the end-users to sign-up.

Types of Money Back Guarantees

A money back guarantee gives the end-users an assurance to reclaim their money spent on their web hosting account if the web host fails to meet their promises. This is an appealing point for purchase as it reverses the risk from the end-users to the web host. Most web hosts will offer the following types of money back guarantee;

  • The simple ‘No questions asked’ guarantee that assures the end-users a full refund of their purchase without any justification required.
  • An uptime guarantee is a conditional refund if only your website experiences any downtime over the agreed period each month.
  • A price protection guarantee is another conditional refund that locks in an agreed price for a certain period of time or to guarantee the lowest price against the competition.

If you want to enjoy a peace of mind with your chosen web host, it is will help to draw up a service level agreement to ensure that their promises are met throughout your subscription with them.  Ensure that a money back guarantee clause is provided for in the agreement. This will ensure that you are able to receive your refund when it’s due.

The Importance Of A Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee may serve as trickery for web hosts to attract customers but it means a lot more in terms of satisfaction and peace of mind for the end-users. Such guarantee ensures that the web host is kept on their toes in order for you to enjoy;

  • Added trust and confidence in them and their services.
  • Lower or elimination of buying risk.
  • Uncomplicated refund or return procedures.
  • Consistent service and customer support.

The performance of your website may differ from what had been promised at the point of sale.  An experience from a trial server may not give you the realistic gauge. That is why a money back guarantee can offer you a more realistic expectation of what the web host can offer. With the attached guarantee, it is more likely that they are confident and genuine with their services.

Money back guarantee means satisfaction guaranteed.  While it is a win-win situation for both the web host and the end-users, the more pertinent concern now is you. That’s why it’s important to find a web host with a money back guarantee to safeguard your end of the bargain.

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