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Why Unlimited Hosting Really Isn’t Unlimited

Unlimited hosting is commonly advertised to those who are starting a webpage that will likely grow in viewership over time. This way you will not have to worry about running out of bandwidth and having to pay extra fees when more and more users start logging in every day. If you come across such a deal, you need to make note of how the “unlimited” plan is structured so you can determine whether or not it is actually a deal.

Like any bit of programming language, “unlimited” is a term which must be defined. However, the definition will be unique to the contract you are working with at the time. This means “unlimited” can have limitations in place which mean you will not be getting the large amount of bandwidth or disk space you anticipated when you signed up for your hosting service. These issues can easily be avoided if you are aware of the issues before you sign a contract, so be aware of the classic tricks before you start shopping.

Defining an Unlimited Hosting Package

Some unlimited programs promise unlimited hosting, but have a few restrictions that can impact what this might actually mean.

  • You may find your “unlimited” package gives you a certain amount of bandwidth at the beginning of your package, but grows into a more substantial contract later.
  • Some companies only offer the unlimited data package for a limited time, forcing you to rush into a decision about your hosting.
  • There may be limits on how much data you can upload at once, or similar restrictions that do not allow you to use your disk space adequately

Whenever you seen an unlimited package, make sure you read the terms of service to see how the company is defining “unlimited.” You cannot assume that you will be getting all the space and data you need for one flat rate, because more often than not this is not the case.

Other Common Issues

In addition to providing less space than expected, you may find other stumbling blocks with unlimited plans which can prove difficult.

  • You may find disk space can only be used for certain purposes, which usually do not include backups for your files
  • Performance may lag when you use a great deal of bandwidth at once
  • The unlimited plan may not include mailboxes, FTP accounts, your domain and other necessities

It cannot be stressed enough; when you look for a bargain in an unlimited hosting plan you have to read the contract through. There are many details which can greatly impact the use of your service which will render your “unlimited” plan virtually useless as your business grows and expands. Knowing about these issues ahead of time will help you avoid a lot of headache and extra fees that can damage the quality of your web hosting.

Unlimited hosting plans are not all bad, but you need to think about the aspects of your policy so you can best determine what kind of space restrictions will work for you and which will make hosting difficult.

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